G4S Enhances Global Brand Control and Reduces Marketing Campaign Cycle Time

G4S, a leading international security solutions group with over 570.000 employees, had to find a better way to manage international marketing content transfer, storage and organization. CenturyLink's WAM!NET Service helped them reduce campaign cycle times and eliminate unnecessary waste searching for the right content.

Less Wasted Time, More Campaign Impact

G4S shipped DVDs between locations to distribute files from regional film and photo shoots for localized marketing campaigns. Aside from being slow to deliver, this vital content was extremely hard to locate and repurpose. Without a centralized managed file transfer and storage solution, their operations across 110 countries wasted resources finding content, reproducing work that was already done and using content without clear direction on usage rights and restrictions.

CenturyLink's WAM!NET Content Studio storage application enabled each marketer in any office to submit new marketing content along with title and event information to the appropriate library over the internet. This made it simple for the corporate marketing staff to quickly review and approve new content that had been uploaded. With a centralized, visible storage location, teams stopped wasting time searching for content and started improving campaign results.


  • Reduced Cycle Times for Marketing Campaign Deployment
  • Increased Marketing Campaign Impact
  • Centralized Content Transfer and Storage for Global Marketing Team
  • Fully Hosted and Managed Storage Application
  • 24/7 CenturyLink Support

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